The Key

Love Is The Key

LOVE IS THE GOLDEN KEY TO HEAL OURSELVES & OTHERS with our higher vibrations. 

It is now over 3 years since the world waited and wondered about what would happen in 2012! As I wrote in the book published before the date arrived of December 21, 2012 - it is NOT the END OF TIME...It is the END OF TIMES.. 

As the "End of times --the end of a cycle ends and we merge into the new time - the "Age of Aquarius'... our beautiful light beings are showering us with unconditional LOVE.  

"Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest." Micah 3:12(KJV) 

Sanetha's interpretation

"Therefore, shall Zion (the spiritual point from which reality emerges) rise to the top--for your sake, be plowed like a field (clearing the hay) and the old kingdom will become heaps of hay and the physical body (tent, temple, house --where the soul resides) will be the high place in the forest where we will all be able to see with a new set of eyes. It is time, time to let go of the old and move into the new."

Micah's prophecy is believed to have been delivered in about 730BC (about 2700 years ago). Micah's prophecy repeats again as we begin this new cycle. As cycles repeat, so do the messages--the same message only better and bigger because it has more light, more LOVE, and more information, which allows us to see, hear and feel clearer.
Excerpts from page 234
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