Have you ever wondered if you have been here before in a previous lifetime?  Find out why reincarnation is so important at this time in our history.  The spiritual subject of past lives and reincarnation is highly controversial. Most religions don't believe it and science cannot prove it yet. 
This book is an “Energy Healing Communication” with a DNA surprise, assisting the reader to integrate and understand the deep-seated truths about who we are and where we came from. The book also explains what is happening to us, the earth and the universe, and what one needs to do to adapt to the new energies on the planet at this time and for the years to come.

This book contains a message with the new energy that I have delivered many times over my many lifetimes. Who AM I? and Where do I come from? are questions that have been on the minds of everyone since the beginning. These thoughts are imprinted in our basic DNA. 

My message is time-sensitive – to be ready for the masses who will be searching for this information at this exact time in history – the mass shift in consciousness. I am a very old soul who has been chosen for this task and accepted the challenge throughout history.

When I became aware of whom I was in the previous lifetime just before this one (less than five months between lives) – my newfound identity propelled me into the search for the answers to the questions gnawing at my soul. Each answer provided new questions, leading me down the enlightened path to an encounter with the “Grand Divine Plan”. 

I had no previous experience writing in this life, although during my search, I acquired a vintage copy of a book I wrote in my previous life. Since then, I have found several writings from other lifetimes all aligning with my soul signature. We all have gifts and abilities unimaginable, ready for anyone who walks through the door.

My search brought me into an awareness of knowing many of my past lives. It also revealed that my purpose of discovering was not about whom I was, but that I would write about past lives and reincarnation at a time on the planet when this information would be so needed.

For each who reads the book, you will receive a healing appropriate for you at the time of reading. The book is not a one time read as it heals more each time you read it...SOUL deep!

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