Intuitive Readings & Healing sessions (combined)

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Sanetha combines her clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant psychic abilities, as she channels intuitive messages that will assist you to create an empowered life filled with positive connections and opportunities! 

Your Reading and/or HEALING Session Can Help You:
  • Make better choices with insights into practical issues such as Love & Relationships; Family & Home; Health & Wellness; & Career & Money
  • Take your spiritual path to the next level with assistance from your Angels & Spirit Guides, strengthening your intuitive ability and connection to your spiritual team as well as releasing patterns that keep your from achieving your life purpose.
  • Use your untapped potential, by accessing your god-given gifts and abilities while understanding what could be holding you back.
  • Live a healthier & happier life with a view of your Energetic Signature along with insight into health, relationships, family, money and career related issues.
  • HEAL from loss of loved ones and work through grief while receiving messages from heaven.  
  • HEAL physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that are blocking you from becoming whole again. Many times we bring with us from previous lifetimes unresolved issues that require our attention, clearing a path to FREEDOM.
Your questions and interests will determine what is covered in your session. Not all sessions will have all of these issues addressed. I suggest that you write down specific questions or at least areas in your life that you wish me to address.
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