Vanessa's Book Review

VANESSa's Book Review


THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN  within      THE HOLY BOOK of   THE GREAT INVISIBLE SPIRIT :) a magnificent tribute to all the Lightworkers who have searched throughout eternity for the greater truths of the universe.  Who are you? What are you here to do? What can we contribute to our fellow man and the beautiful planet? This book shines the light upon our origins, our primordial lifetimes, and all the different parts of ourselves that unite us with our soul family throughout our history here on Earth and beyond.

Sanetha is an inspiration as she explores the realms within the heart, mind, and soul, in search of the answers.  Beautifully and brilliantly written, this work unlocks ideas and conscious energy that have been hidden, sometimes in plain sight. You will find as you read these words more of your soul comes alive and awakened.  

There is an energetic blessing and transformation unfurled in each section of this book that enlivens every molecule of your being as you read each page. This energy, as it connected with my being, triggered a remembrance of the joy, love, and eternal youth that I had locked within me, and I found that I could hardly put this book down. It is highly recommended to read over and over as each time more can become awakened for you.

It is with our deepest gratitude and sincere blessing that we dedicate this book to our fellow brother and sister Lightworkers and Seekers of Consciousness. May your path be filled with gratitude, love and joy as well.

Love, Gratitude & Blessings,

Vanessa Riyasat , The Angelic Council, and The Masters of Light
Vanessa Riyasat--Energy Master and Intuitive Consultant
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