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Along my journey in this lifetime, I was awakened to my many gifts and abilities that have been with me for many lifetimes.  Some of them were evident in my early years, while more and more of my hidden treasures have been uncovered allowing me the honour of giving and receiving healing to those who seek.   We are spiritual beings having another glorious human experience, searching for the answers to the questions which are on the minds of everyone!   WHO AM I?  WHERE DID I COME FROM?  HOW DID I GET HERE?  AND WHY AM I HERE?
My god-given gifts and abilities allow me to offer you,  SOULGENIC HEALING -- SOUL deep -- through a variety of services available during VIRTUAL OR IN PERSON SESSIONS from the pull down menu on this page such as spiritual physic readings, coaching, mediumship, energy healing, spiritual guidance, speaking, workshops,  and my BOOK  about past lives, reincarnation and our DNA.   
Sanetha's sessions are designed with unconditional love and intentions to help you:
  • Make better choices with insights into practical issues such as Love & Relationships; Family & Home; Health & Wellness; & Career & Money
  • Take your spiritual path to the next level with assistance from your Angels & Spirit Guides, strengthening your intuitive ability and connection to your spiritual team as well as releasing patterns that keep your from achieving your life purpose.
  • Use your untapped potential, by accessing your god-given gifts and abilities while understanding what could be holding you back.
  • Live a healthier & happier life with a view of your Energetic Signature along with insight into health, relationships, family, money and career related issues.
  • HEAL from loss of loved ones and work through grief while receiving messages from heaven.  
  • HEAL physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that are blocking you from becoming whole again. Many times we bring with us from previous lifetimes unresolved issues that require our attention, clearing a path to FREEDOM.
  • Your questions and interests will determine what is covered in your session. Not all sessions will have all of these issues addressed. I suggest that you write down specific questions or at least areas in your life that you wish me to address.  NOTE:  Email Questions can be purchased using the online STORE.
  • NOTE:  Change of phone # on brochure below.  New # 519-328-3991
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  • "My neck was always cracking and I always seemed to be getting headaches, after our session I noticed that my neck no longer cracks...not a single crack at all. It's amazing!! I have also had trouble with my left shoulder with pains shooting through it and not being able to lift it straight up in the air without a lot of sharp pain, YES! beleive it or not...I can now lift my arm straight up in the air over my head with absolutely no pain what-so-ever. I also have Scoliosis which is the curving of the spine causing stiffness and a lot of discomfort. Each day I have noticed that I have less discomfort and stiffness and when you run your finger down my spine it gets straighter everyday!! AMAZING."
    Sincerely, Lorna F

  • "I had cortisone treatments for over 20 years until the last 6 months the treatments no longer worked for the pain in my right shoulder. I'm able to sleep on my right side since your treatment...Thank you very much!"
    Addie V

  • What ever this is --is so incredible, it takes the memory of the pain with it! I had a sprained knee and never needed any traditional treatment!
    LM Ontario Canada

  • The doctor was so amazed when after all these years of surgery and nothing seemed to change until this one day when I received a healing that words cannot explain--so I didn't!
    CR Simsbury CT

  • It's easy to say "that really didn't happen" -- but it did! I have seen numerous doctors with titles most will not have ever heard of for mental healing for over 20 years and none of them could help me in the way that this did. I am in utter AWE.
    JR Boston MA

  • From Maru E of Puerto Rico:

    An accessible, down-to-earth healer and communicator who is able to lay down your fears and open your mind to so many possibilities! I think of her as a wise friend with a huge heart and an enormous capacity to listen and respond with sincerity and love.

  • I first came across Sanetha when she was offering free readings through Facebook. During my reading I was connected with my Uncle and Grandfather, both who were important people in my life. I listened and took notes as Sanetha and my loved ones validated that I was at a crossroad in my life. I learned valuable lessons such as not to be afraid of letting go of what I was holding onto so deeply, which was my failed marriage. Tracy H. CT, USA.

  • Two months after my first reading, I contacted Sanetha for another reading. This time I was interested in having a Spiritual Guidance Reading. Sanetha confirmed that I was going in the right direction by following my heart. Sanetha also put my fears to rest when she told me that my children will be okay throughout the divorce process.

  • "With both of my readings I found Sanetha to be very calming in her tone of voice. She not only cared about my well being, but that of my children as well. Sanetha was spot on with her revelations and pictures that she was bringing forward during my readings. If you are at a crossroad in your life and would like some guidance that you are on the right path, then I would suggest contacting Sanetha for some clarity and validation"

  • I had finished reading Dr. Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection” and began looking for a practitioner. Fortunately I was guided to Sanetha who performed the one-time-only reconnection and a series of follow-up visits because of my love for her work. I was again drawn to her when she offered free psychic readings while completing psychic development training. This morphed into her recent venture “The Healer in You” that offers an introduction to various energetic healing modalities. I am inspired and admire Sanetha’s dedication to awaken, empower, and reconnect humanity with their divine healing talents
    Cheryl P. CT, USA

Choose SOULGENIC Healing SOULutions for you, your family, your pets, your company or your organization. Healing comes in many forms & sometimes in the most unexpected and unusal ways! LIFE CHANGING - accessing all of your DNA (Reprogram your DNA)

For a complete list of Healing SOULutions including the book,  healing sessions, intuitive readings, life coachingseminars and workshops click on the appropriate link right in this sentence.  SCHEDULE your appointment & payment with ease simply click on the contact button below.




 “Annette (SANETHA) Moreland and Sanetha’s SOULGENIC Healing SOULutions ® , in connection with Soulgenic Healing including but not limited to seminars, teachings, any information and or people, including but not limited to practitioners, instructors, assistants, representatives, associates, employees, agents and or assignees, related thereto, make no promises, guarantees, representations or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.”

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